About SafetyLine Hub

Welcome to SafetyLine Hub!

SafetyLine Hub is an online platform dedicated to work health and safety in Western Australia. Previously known as the SafetyLine Institute, SafetyLine Hub brings the same passion for providing education, valuable insights, information and resources to the Western Australian community and industry sectors.

The new format provides a single platform for WorkSafe outreach and includes:

Structure of SafetyLine Hub
  • SafetyLine Engage – hosting all WorkSafe and hybrid events.
  • SafetyLine Suite – delivering WHS information and tools on hazard-specific learning topics in collaboration with other agencies.
  • SafetyLine News – hosting the ThinkSafe magazine, articles, public consultation and subscription to alerts and newsletters.
  • SmartMove – delivering WHS education, information and resources to young workers and new starters.
  • HSR Matters – a digital platform for elected health and safety representatives to obtain resources, share information and engage with their peers and WorkSafe.
  • SafetyLine Plan – integrating four initiatives with a focus on educating and promoting the adoption of work health safety management systems in workplaces. Initiatives include an existing WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement, Small Business GoWHS, Mines Safety GoWHS and Public Sector GoWHS.

Knowledge of work health and safety empowers individuals and organisations to create a safe workplace environment. At SafetyLine, our team of subject matter experts, WHS educators and professionals work tirelessly to curate and deliver high-quality content that caters to the needs and interests of our audience. Additionally, we provide opportunities for our audience to engage and interact with us and offer a convenient platform for participation in events.

We encourage you to explore our content, participate in online learning and engage with us through our events and exhibitions. We would love you to share your valuable insights using the feedback form provided.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to providing you with a rewarding and enriching experience on the SafetyLine Hub.

SafetyLine Hub Team

WorkSafe Western Australia.