About SafetyLine Suite

SafetyLine Suite delivers WHS information and tools on hazard-specific learning topics in collaboration with other agencies. Current initiatives and tools available are:
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WorkSafe Fatigue Management for Commercial Drivers

To support the 2003 regulations introduced to reduce fatigue related accidents on the road, WorkSafe WA and Department of Transport initially collaborated to develop this free online fatigue management training for commercial vehicle drivers. WorkSafe continue to keep the content updated with the latest update made in 2020.

Learning to manage fatigue plays an important role in keeping commercial vehicle drivers and other road users safe. The online fatigue management training modules are designed to:

  • cover strategies for commercial drivers to manage fatigue
  • advise administrators on how to design and implement a fatigue management plan to meet the obligations of the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022.
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Sexual harassment evaluation tool for mining industry workers

The sexual harassment assessment tool was developed by the McCusker Institute at the University of Western Australia in collaboration with WorkSafe Mines Safety in response to the Enough is Enough report on sexual harassment against women in the mining industry and provides an opportunity for all mining industry workers to report sexual harassment in a safe environment. The tool consists of a definition of sexual harassment followed by a sensitively worded questionnaire designed to identify the most appropriate resources for your circumstances, including immediate referral to agencies that can support your needs.

The assessment tool is designed to reduce secondary victimisation by addressing the problem of a person repeating their traumatic experience multiple times to multiple agencies. The questions are trauma informed and are designed to correctly identify the relevant issues and agency, whilst being general enough not to re-traumatize. The assessment tool helps all stakeholders involved in a sexual harassment case on a mine site understand their responsibilities and boundaries.

The Evaluation includes a “safe exit” which allows individuals to exit the site without detection, protecting against further discrimination and victimisation.